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Ritra Cargo contributes to data sharing standards

Ritra Cargo contributes to data sharing standards

Als datadelen de standaard wordt - Expediteur Ritra Cargo

Transparency, security and reliability in the chain; barrier-free data sharing offers a lot of benefits. It is no surprise that the logistics sector has been working towards this for years. However, it has not yet come to large-scale adoption. That is why Ritra Cargo initiates, facilitates and supports a variety of initiatives in the area of barrier-free data sharing. After all, everyone will benefit from this, whether you are a freight forwarder, carrier or shipper.


Automatic data exchange through PCS

The Port Community System (PCS) by Portbase has been a common occurrence in Dutch transport and logistics for years. Companies, organisations and governments use this system to exchange all kinds of data.

An important functionality within PCS for freight forwarders is the option to request and reuse cargo information. Take, for example, the ETA, contents and the information required for customs clearance. It is hard to imagine that this was all done manually up until 2013. An enormously time-consuming task.

Ritra Cargo initiated the development of automatic data exchange regarding cargo information through PCS. This led to a successful pilot in 2013. Now, parties that use this automatic data exchange can deliver their goods to the customer faster. A significant improvement!


Quick and flexible transport through iSHARE

iSHARE, an initiative by the Topsector Logistiek, is another concrete example of a solution for barrier-free data sharing. It can be used to handle the authentication, identification and authorisation of data-sharing parties. Ritro Cargo played a supporting role in the establishment of this system of agreements.

For shippers, iSHARE primarily means transports can be arranged more quickly and with greater flexibility. This was exactly what we were able to demonstrate on the ICT and Logistics expo. We did this with Portbase, Secure Logistics, iSHARE, Yellowstar and Poort8. The concept received a lot of enthusiasm. There was a reason that this idea already received acclaim earlier. iSHARE is currently in the adoption phase.


Controlling supply chains through Blockchain

Ritra Cargo has been involved with the developments surrounding Blockchain from the very beginning. Our colleague Ad is especially involved, and is often invited to deliver presentations on this subject because of his expertise.

Blockchain technology will completely change supply chains in the future. By sharing data regarding these movements, separate processes can be handled more quickly and more efficiently. This way, supply chains will become reliable, transparent and controllable.

Currently, more and more large initiatives surrounding Blockchain are being set up, like the recent one between Samsung, ABM AMRO and the Rotterdam Port Authority. It is expected that the actual adoption will still take a while, however.


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Are you curious about the benefits of our involvement in barrier-free data sharing for you? We are happy to tell you more! Email us or call us directly.


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