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Ritra Cargo plays football for Metakids

Ritra Cargo plays football for Metakids

33 degrees on the thermometer and with that, 100 football fanatics and their followers. That was the setting for Metakids mini business tournament. This yearly event in aid of a good cause, Metakids, was organised last Saturday for the 10th time. This charity collects funds for research into metabolic disease. Once again, Ritra Cargo participated this year.


Team Ritra Cargo

The football tournament was organised on the grounds of VV Alblasserdam. In total, there were 16 teams. Team Ritra Cargo, 9 men strong, also had a few very young players. It was not only employees who participated, but also some family members of colleagues. The youngest player in our team, and indeed the entire tournament, was just 9 years old.

Ritra Cargo plays football for Metakids – Team photo

From left to right: Andreas, Luciano, Alex, Nicky, Wilfred, Delano, Ronald, Romeo en Martijn

The short matches were played over a half field, 5 against 5. With 4 reserves available, our players could regularly switch to take a drink break. The supporters who came along to encourage team Ritra Cargo got the task of providing all players with sufficient water.

After the football, it was time to eat. The day finished with a pleasant barbecue on the grounds of VV Alblasserdam.


More than one winner

At the end of the day the scores were counted. Team Ritra Cargo had won as many matches as they had lost. A fantastic result for our star team.

The day of course was run in support of a good cause. The real winner of the tournament was of course Metakids. All teams together had donated €10,000 towards research into metabolic disease.


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