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Ritra Cargo’s iSHARE sessions at ICT & Logistiek trade fair a big success

Ritra Cargo’s iSHARE sessions at ICT & Logistiek trade fair a big success

How can un(known) parties in the chain share data with one another safely & securely? The iSHARE scheme offers a solution. Ritra Cargo gave two presentations on this subject at the ICT & Logistiek trade fair to explain this tricky concept. This was done in collaboration with Yellowstar and Portbase. Meanwhile, many players in the logistics sector are familiar with iSHARE and both sessions were received with much interest and enthusiasm.


Ultra-fast transportation with iSHARE – first live demonstration

As a co-creation partner in the iSHARE project, Ritra Cargo developed a proof of concept together with Yellowstar and Portbase. This made the iSHARE system ready for use. The method of operation was demonstrated to a large group of interested parties for the first time at the ICT & Logistiek trade fair.

A live demonstration showed a fictitious container being transported from the terminal to the end recipient. An explanation was given as to how iSHARE can delegate authorisation to provide transport to known and unknown carriers in a secure and controlled way. Only two conditions need to be met. Firstly, the carrier must be a member of iSHARE. If the carrier is also registered as ‘authorised’ with those organising transportation of the container, such as Ritra Cargo, the carrier may provide transport.

Logistics operations can be carried out more efficiently in future thanks to this optimisation of the chain. The biggest advantage for you is that as the end recipient, you receive your goods more quickly


iSHARE in fashion

As a central player between service providers and clients, it is important for Ritra Cargo to optimise data sharing as much as possible. That way, the final leg of transportation to warehouses and shops can be arranged more quickly and flexibly. Together with Yellowstar, examples were used to explain how iSHARE facilitates data exchange in a quick, secure and reliable way.

At present, there are three scenarios in the current set up that could cause a consignment to be delayed:

  • There is a change of carrier
  • The time slot at the terminal changes
  • The carrier wishes to outsource the assignment

iSHARE enables appropriate action to be taken immediately in these scenarios. As it happens, the system records what authorisations are held by different parties, such as carriers. In such cases, they are given immediate access to the required data (only). There is thus no longer any need to communicate about this via email and telephone. This saves a great deal of time for all parties in the chain and means fewer delays of consignments.


More information

The iSHARE scheme will be rolled out for sector-wide use on 1 January 2018. Do you have any questions? We would be happy to answer them for you! Send us a chat message or call us directly.

iSHARE is an initiative of Topsector Logistiek.


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