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Ritra’s 2023 news summary

Ritra’s 2023 news summary

In which unexpected – or even precarious – situations did we find ourselves this year? What went well and where did we have to change course? Yeah, you really know it’s December when we start looking back. A summary of the year is of course an essential part of that. For that reason, this month Ritra’s marketing team shared the best-read news articles of 2023. A collection of the 6 most personal, substantive and interesting blogs. Join us once again to (re)read them?



News from the editors

Together, Marjoleine and Chantal make up Ritra’s Marketing team. This means that their responsibilities include publishing Ritra’s monthly newsletter. Sometimes topics just sort of emerge more or less by themselves. The years of coronavirus, for instance, and the incessant price rises of 2021/2022 generated a lot of copy. But usually we actually have to search for appealing and catchy topics.


But what makes it particularly interesting and fun for us is to find out what intrigues you the most as reader. For this the 12th and final edition of the year, we’ve put together a Top Six of the best read articles of 2023. We wish you a lot of pleasure (re-)reading the articles below. And of course, we’d like to thank you for your confidence and interest and wish you a wonderful 2024 full of fantastic, positive, interesting and – more specifically – good NEWS.



1. Expected price increase for road transport in 2024

No Queen at No. 1 this year for us, but you opted instead for the expected price increases for road transport in 2024. In addition to costings of previous years, the annual CBA negotiations give us a good idea of what we can expect for road transport in the new calendar year.



2. Important ETS tax surcharge in the pipeline

Surcharges and increases related to sustainable transport. Shipping companies, shippers, terminals and forwarders – everyone’s contributing. It’s no accident that this article, announcing a new tax for all your European shipping transport, has become a strong No. 2.



3. 35 years of Team Ritra Cargo

The third and fourth places are earmarked for two articles of a personal nature. It’s lovely to see that you our readers are so committed to our story! After all, we like to be personally involved. With you, as a team and together. This anniversary year was obviously very special for us. Read here how we celebrated it.



4. Team Ritra Schiphol

Everyone likes to know who’s on the other end of the line, right? This is evidenced by the number of times this article has been read! In case the names Rob, Mike, John, Jordi, Karina and Jessey do not mean anything to you yet, you will soon get to know them now.



5. Import duties in 3 steps

Import duties are calculated on your shipment based on a number of factors. That sounds rather complicated. For many importers, the process is not always clear. Our customs specialists helped us explain how import duties are calculated in just 3 short steps.



6. News update on customs

Discussing or explaining customs issues is not always easy. The topics are often very specific and you need a lot of knowledge. So how great is it, when you can work with a trio of motivated in-house customs specialists to produce a comprehensible update, in addition to the article being well read?



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