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Ritra’s first experiences with China road transport

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Ritra’s first experiences with China road transport

Wegtransport China

Road transport from China is still at an early stage. However, it is gaining ground. Whereas sea freight and rail transport are affected by extreme delays, road transport is not affected. The first two Direct Full Trucks from China arrived at our warehouses in the Netherlands last week. Ritra’s Patrick followed every step of the process.


Express delivery by truck

Seafreight, airfreight, and rail transport too: Ritra Cargo does it all with ease. However, road transport from China seemed like a pipe dream for a long time. The overstrained container market and the rising delays meant we decided to examine the possibilities, together with our Chinese agent.


Road transport from China has several advantages. The marginal risk of delays and the relatively fast transit time are currently considered the main positives. In other words: ideal for consignments that are reasonably urgent. This was eventually the reason two of our customers decided to opt for road transport from China. The result was that the first two Direct Full Trucks from China left at the end of July!


The experiences of Customer Service team member Patrick

Our colleague Patrick has been a familiar name at Customer Service for many years. He organised and followed the two road transports from China from start to finish. How did it work and what were his experiences?

“The customer asked us about shipping goods from China. Because some of the goods were allocated to a large-scale promotion by a well-known Dutch supermarket, a rapid arrival date was extremely important. Due to the current delays, sea freight was not an option here. After some digging, it was decided that rail transport should be used. This would also involve some delay, but the customer deemed it to be acceptable. However, some time before departure, China was hit by a typhoon, which meant a large part of the rail network was impassable.


Ritra had some previous experience with direct trucking from China. All of a sudden, this became a realistic option. We asked our agent Cargo Services to check the options at their end and let us know the tariffs. It was no surprise that the tariffs were higher than for sea freight or rail transport, but the transit time was very appealing. After discussions with the customer, it was decided to give it a go. This was a first experience with road transport from China for Ritra Cargo too, so we were very curious about how it would turn out.


Our agent did a great job of keeping us updated on loading and departure of both trucks. The trucks were transshipped at the border between China and Russia. This also occurred without issues or delays.


We would receive a update every morning on the dot to let us know the expected arrival date at the location specified by us. The first truck arrived promptly on the date indicated; the second truck was even a little early. With a transit time of 18 days and overall smooth transport, it was a successful project for us and for the customer.


By now, trucks for other customers are also en route. And these road transports from China are also on schedule as yet.”

Wegtransport China expediteur Ritra Cargo


Would you like to know if road transport from China is suitable for you?

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