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Ritra’s Patty visits Hong Kong

Ritra’s Patty visits Hong Kong

Ritra’s Patty op bezoek in Hongkong

Who doesn’t know our pricing champion Patty? This Hong Konger mother of two sons has been a valuable member of Ritra’s Marketing & Sales team since 2019. She was in Hong Kong from 1 February until 20 February 2024 to visit Cargo Services in honour of their 35th anniversary. Read all about her experiences!



35 years of Cargo Services

Cargo Services has been Ritra Cargo’s long-term partner for more than 25 years. Cargo Services is a major player in China for both sea freight and air freight. With 19 offices in all main ports and production locations, our agent is one of the 25 biggest logistics service providers in China. Cargo Services is a large organisation with more than 6000 employees across the world. Many colleagues are in daily contact with Cargo Services. Our first point of contact is agent Nico Zeng. Nico is based in Shanghai.


Patty & Nico

Patty & Nico


Cargo Services celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. They celebrated this milestone with their partners and employees around the Chinese New Year. Patty recounts: ‘A famous Hong Kong singer came to perform, there was a play (Bian Lian, part of the Chinese Sichuan opera) and a beautiful Lion Dance’.


Patty left for Hong Kong on 1 February. She stayed in a beautiful waterfront hotel. Cargo Services had invited her to a meeting of European partners and to the party in honour of Cargo Services’ 35th anniversary. On top of that, Chinese New Year was from 9 February until 14 February. It was a great opportunity to visit her family and do some sightseeing in the city!



Happy New Year!

This year, Chinese New Year was all about the Wood Dragon, which represents growth and renewal. Chinese New Year is celebrated with lots of food, such as seafood, fish, Nian Gao (rice cake) and chicken. Patty explains that every meal has a meaning as part of Chinese New Year – for example, fish represents happiness, prosperity and abundance.


Red envelopes with money are distributed among the people, several ‘fortune tellers’ appear on television and, of course, let’s not forget the Lion Dance and fireworks! These all represent good luck and drive out evil spirits. ‘We are very superstitious’, says Patty. ‘If you want good luck in the year of your zodiac sign, go to the temple to make an offering.’


John Lau, Cargo Services, met Leeuwendans tijdens het feest ter ere van Cargo Services’ 35-jarig bestaan. 

John Lau, Cargo Services, during the Lion Dance at the party for Cargo Services’ 35th anniversary.



Time for business

A big meeting was scheduled especially for the European market, together with other European partners, hailing from Germany, Italy, France, Denmark and Turkey. The meeting focused on the following main points: 2024 pricing, the (shrinking) economy and the current market situation.


‘People in Hong Kong are sometimes so busy doing business that there is often no time for breaks’, says Patty. ‘I was glad to have a break, since you do get hungry eventually. Cargo Services was very hospitable and provided all the food, drinks and entertainment throughout the day’.



Shopping Paradise

‘It was lovely to see my family again, and it was also great to visit lots of shops. Hong Kong used to be called Shopping Paradise, because of all the different shopping centres. There are A LOT of shops and restaurants that have delicious food.’ Patty says. ‘You can tell that many shopping streets took inspiration from Europe and other parts of the world’.


Patty: ‘I liked the fact that they have really worked on and with technology a lot in Hongkong since the pandemic. Every restaurant has a QR code you can use for the menu and to order on your phone, and sensors are used a lot. A four-course meal at a local restaurant in Hong Kong costs about 10 euros’.


After this fantastic travel experience, where Patty could really combine business & pleasure, we are happy to have her back in her familiar spot. Welcome back Patty, and thank you for sharing your story!



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