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SCM and promising Indian economy remain central during our visit to Cargomar

SCM and promising Indian economy remain central during our visit to Cargomar

Cargomar has been our exclusive agent in India for 20 years. They have also, some time ago, taken steps towards digitalising the supply chain. Through working with our PO management tool, they make the flow of goods completely transparent. For themselves, for the shipping agent, but also for the importer. To discuss the use of this, and to strengthen the relationship with this agent, our colleague Martijn visited India.

A system to trust and to build upon

Cargomar is located at the most important harbour and production sites of India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Tirupur, Tuticorin, Chennai and Bangalore. From all these cities, Cargomar branch managers were flown to the headquarters in Cochin.

There, our Traffic Control System (TCS) was fully explained. Because all parties in the chain can use the PO management tool, it’s important that we work with it flawlessly. People must be able to trust that the information is always up to date. Martijn presented the new possibilities offered by TCS and showed exactly how it all works.

The meeting also offered a good opportunity to gather feedback on TCS. The tool is actually adapted to the needs of each individual user group, such as the customer or, as in this case, an agent. With the help of the feedback, Martijn can further improve Cargomar’s ‘own’ TCS. In this way, the tool better fulfils the needs of this particular agent. In addition, this feedback is also useful for the further development of TCS, for which Martijn is partly responsible.


A lot of opportunity thanks to the growing Indian economy

The bringing together of so many Cargomar Branch Managers was also a good moment to discuss how we work together now and to make future plans. India is growing and so is its consumption. There are plenty of new developing markets, and this brings great opportunities.

One of these opportunities is in the area of project cargo, where very large goods such as machines and installations are transported via ship. Cargomar has built up years of expertise in this. Project cargo is therefore an interesting speciality to build upon.

All in all, working with Cargomar is dependable and going very well. Regular personal contact strengthens this. As a result, a few of Cargomar’s colleagues will come to visit the Netherlands in the coming year. Martijn will visit various joint clients with them.


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