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Sea-Air transport from China

Sea-Air transport from China


Due to the ongoing issues in the Red Sea, we understand you might be open to a faster alternative for your LCL transport. We can now offer an additional modality in conjunction with our Chinese agent Cargo Services. Have you ever heard of sea-air transport? In terms of both transit times and rates, this option sits right between sea freight and air freight. We would like to tell you more.



An alternative for small(er) shipments

Due to the crisis in the Far East and the Red Sea, ships are currently forced to take a detour via the Cape of Good Hope. This causes delays and in some cases, as many as 4 weeks of added transit time. Unfortunately, it does not look like this will change in the short term. That is why an alternative to your sea transport might be interesting.


Do you have a small(er) shipment from China? If yes, sea-air transport might be a solution, as this is an option for shipments from as little as 250 kg. The sea-air modality will initially be offered to sailings from three major main ports in China: Shanghai, Ningbo and Shenzhen. Of course, other options are available upon request.



All the facts at a glance

Sea-air transport is cheaper than air freight, but somewhat more expensive than sea freight. Because the transit time sits right in the middle of transit times for air freight and sea freight, this might be a suitable compromise for you. Sea-air is currently the fastest option for shipments between 250 kg and 500 kg. Our agent in China, Cargo Services, offers superfast weekly sailings to Europe.


We have listed all the advantages and conditions for you:

  • Transit time for sea-air from Shanghai is 19-24 days, 18-22 days from Ningbo, and 15-18 days from Shenzhen
  • There are weekly sailings from China to Europe
  • 50% faster transit time compared to traditional sea freight
  • Sea freight goes via Port Louis and air freight goes via Mauritius
  • Flights arrive at all major European airports
  • You will receive all-in rates
  • All freight is moved through groupage service
  • Minimum weight is 250 kg per shipment (chargeable weight)
  • Unfortunately, sea-air cannot accept hazardous goods



How does it work?

We explain it to you step by step.

  1. Your shipment is transported from your supplier’s factory to the port of loading.
  2. Your shipment is loaded into a container and boarded.
  3. Your shipment is transported by sea to a transit port.
  4. After arrival at this transit port, all goods are unloaded from the container,
  5. and the shipment will remain in customs transit.
  6. After that, the goods are transported by road to the nearest airport.
  7. Here, your shipment is prepared to continue its journey by air.
  8. Your shipment will leave by air freight to Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport.
  9. Once arrived at the airport, your shipment will be cleared and delivered to your door by road transport!




If you are interested in sea-air transport, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales team at sales@ritra.nl!



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