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Secure Chain offers safe haven

Secure Chain offers safe haven

Drug-related crime has been a thorn in the side of the Port of Rotterdam for many years. At the end of April, the customs office will start an experiment allowing it to stay one step ahead of drug ‘extractors’. In addition, the business community, the government and customs have joined forces for an effective approach to combat crime. Together, they are now working in the ‘Secure Chain’. Ritra Cargo is participating in this initiative and is keen to explain how it works.


Drug-related crime compromises safety at work

For those who work in logistics, drug-related crime in the Port of Rotterdam obviously brings some ‘extra baggage’. For workers who need to perform their duties at terminals and customs or as drivers, safety is a visible, primary need. But shipping companies – we as a freight forwarder and you as a shipper – also have to deal with this.


Unfortunately, the Netherlands is not free from corrupt port and customs officials. Despite strict security requirements, they find ways for drugs to pass through. Everyone is aware of the reports about extractors, who are ready just after containers come ashore. It’s a major problem which is not easily solved: a good reason for the business community, the government and customs to join forces for an effective approach.



Joint initiative from the logistics sector

Previously, shipping companies would release containers by means of a container-specific PIN code. This PIN code was then shared with various parties, including us as freight forwarders, terminal staff and also transporters. In short, there were relatively many parties involved, making this procedure susceptible to fraud. This is now changing.


In the background – and therefore often not directly visible to you – there are also various security developments taking place in the business sector. One very important one is the ‘Secure Chain’ that started in March 2024, a joint initiative between governments and the business community. The goal is to make the Port of Rotterdam more resilient together, at the digital level.



Introduction of the Secure Chain

Only companies that are affiliated with ‘Portbase’, a neutral logistics platform, will soon be able to share extraction information via the Secure Chain. Through this platform, connected shipping companies, freight forwarders and transporters communicate with each other within a closed environment, exchanging data securely. Parties that have nothing to do with a container release will no longer be involved.


Source: secure-chain.eu


Ritra Cargo, as a dedicated partner of Portbase, is closely involved in this process. Where we see opportunities to contribute to a safe, digital work environment, we are of course 100% ready. As a digitally driven freight forwarder, we strive for a port that is as reliable as possible for you, our employees and other workers.



Customs to tackle extractors

Customs will start a new pilot scheme in April to keep extractors out of the port. By announcing customs inspections only shortly in advance, they will soon be one step ahead of the extractors. At present, inspections are usually communicated 72 hours before a ship docks. During the experiment, this will be reduced to 24 hours. The trial is part of the ‘Resilient Port Terminals’ programme and will last until 17 May.


Of course, this may affect your transport planning. Where your Ritra contact would normally be able to inform you much earlier that your cargo is delayed due to a customs inspection, it may now be that your shipment is already scheduled and the transport must therefore be replanned. We rely on your understanding in this matter.



Would you like to know more?

At the moment, not all parties are ready, in digital terms, to participate. Hard work is being done on this in the background. Step by step, import containers from all shipping areas are being added.


For more information and an overview of all affiliated parties, please refer to the following websites: https://www.portbase.com/ and https://secure-chain.eu/.



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