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Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Platform: no waste, focus on growth

Online communication platform to manage Supply Chain cargo


Would you like to have more insight into your entire supply chain? Ritra Cargo has developed a supply chain tool to manage order level shipments. Our Traffic Control System (TRACOS) is an online communication platform that various stakeholders in the supply chain can work with. Freight forwarder, customer, manufacturer and agent can work in real time in the same environment. With Ritra Cargo’s TRACOS, the entire supply chain is fully mapped out. From the time the goods leave the supplier until they arrive at the final destination. “No waste” and “focus on growth” are the key phrases!

Ritra Cargo Supply Chain Platform: the most important functionalities

Ritra Cargo’s Supply Chain Platform offers users many functionalities. In addition to providing proof of dispatch and printing KPI reports, you can track shipments in real time and view reservations. The TRACOS platform makes it possible to manage orders and suppliers in terms of PO receipts and acceptances. Would you like to know more about this functionality that will help you manage your supply chain cargo? If so, please contact us!

The advantages of our Supply Chain Platform

TRACOS will make your daily supply chain cargo activities easier:

  • 80% less email communication: sending emails about shipments back and forth is a thing of the past;
  • Clear and up to date: track and manage your shipments from A to Z in real time and in one overview;
  • Instant reports based on your KPIs;
  • Custom-made free of charge: TRACOS can be entirely adapted to suit your needs.

Ritra Cargo Supply chain tool worldwide deployable

Wherever in the world you are, the Ritra Cargo supply chain tool can be used anywhere. Import, export or cross trade; the platform can provide you with the insights of any of your logistic flows worldwide. Managing your supply chain cargo has never been easier!

Simple data sharing with all parties within the chain

TRACOS works best if all parties in the chain, from supplier to customer, are able to share data with each other. Of course, this is only possible with the right tools. Ritra Cargo has these tools and is happy to share them with its partners. From complex API linkages to simple Excel files. This means we can enable each party to share data through our Supply Chain Platform.

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Supply Chain Platform: constant development

Our Supply Chain Platform is managed in-house and developed continuously. New technology and innovation play a central role. Customers, supply chain partners and employees are our most important source of inspiration. TRACOS is a tool for all parties who want to work together in an easier, clearer and more transparent manner. Regardless of whether 100 or 5,000 TEUs are shipped per year. By linking other Ritra Cargo ICT solutions, an insight can be provided up to the final stage in the supply chain. For example, an inventory management overview is available using a link with our ICT solution Warehouse Management System (WMS). All warehouses we work with are already connected to this.

Data analysis: KPI dashboards

TRACOS enables you to convert order data into KPIs and to see how your suppliers and transporters are performing. This includes lead times, costs per order and ETA versus ATA, for example. This helps you assess your partners in the supply chain and quickly detect areas of improvement. The KPIs can be fully tailored to meet your requirements, depending on the available data. It goes without saying that Ritra Cargo can help you set up the KPI dashboards. This, we also do free of charge and always tailored to your needs.

Would you like to learn more about our Supply Chain Platform?

TRACOS is a smart data exchange solution that works via EDI connections. Because we manage this online communication platform in-house, you can always directly contact us with any questions and requests you may have. Do you have any more questions about the operation of our supply chain tool? Or would you like to use the Ritra Cargo Supply Chain Platform? Send an email to info@ritra.nl. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Do you prefer direct contact?

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