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Air cargo containers

Containers come in various types and dimensions. For example, there are different kinds of containers for air cargo and sea cargo. At Ritra Cargo you can find both air cargo containers and pallets, for general purpose as well as specific shipments. See the dimensions and accompanying specifications directly. Still unsure which airfreight container is right for your needs? We’d be happy to recommend the best choice for your shipment.

Unit Load Devices

Air cargo is generally transported using special containers or pallets. These are also referred to as Unit Load Devices or ULD containers. They are produced for safety reasons but also to protect cargo during transportation. ULD containers fit in wide-body aircraft as well as in some narrow-body aircraft.

Containers are enclosed boxes made of aluminium. A combination of aluminium frame and plastic walls are also available. Pallets are made from rugged sheets of aluminium with hooks designed for attaching baggage nets. Both are designed for the container transport of a variety of goods: from electronics, clothing and medicines to books and pallets with mixed cargo.

Types of air cargo containers

Here is a short description of the various air cargo containers and pallets we offer:

LD1. Half-width lower deck container with one angled side. Door is either canvas or solid.

LD3 AKE. Half-sized lower deck container. Fitted with a cover door, walk-through door or solid door, and equipped with shelves, drawers, racks or wheel mounts. This means endless possibilities for the most diverse kinds of aircraft.

LD36. Typical lower deck container that can be used on almost any wide-body aircraft. It is normally used for general cargo but can be optimised for additional strength, handling and usability.

LD6 ALF. Full-width lower hold container with angled sides. Door is canvas with built-in net door straps. This popular container can be used on almost any wide-body aircraft. Normally for general cargo but can be optimised for additional strength, handling and usability.

M1 AMA. Typical main deck container that fits in almost any B747 or Combi aircraft hold, even under the main deck. The design of the AMA varies from lightweight to more heavy-duty versions. Door is canvas with built-in net door straps.

PAG. Popular, universal flat pallet for lower holds and main decks. For use on both passenger and cargo aircraft.

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Requirements for air cargo containers

Every carrier has its own requirements. The dimensions, weight, regulations and provisions of ULD air cargo containers and pallets have to meet these requirements. The team at Ritra Cargo knows what the options are and would be happy to advise you.

Complete solutions

Air cargo involves more than just the right container. That’s why we can help you as freight forwarder for the entire logistical process. We offer a variety of value added services, such as hanging garment containers and warehousing. We can also arrange complete customs clearance for you as well as physical distribution, which we can even do to the shop level (fine-grained distribution). Finally, we offer innovative ICT solutions for supply chain management. In other words: your air cargo shipments can be arranged from A to Z by one contact person. That makes it really easy.

Ordering air cargo containers

With Ritra Cargo you always get a competitive price. And it doesn’t matter whether you want a single pallet or multiple containers – we ensure that your shipment arrives at its final destination on time, safely and according to arrangements. You don’t have to be afraid of unexpected costs because our air cargo container prices are agreed in advance in the quote you receive from us.

If you have any questions about ULD air cargo containers, special kinds of cargo (like hazardous materials), or the type of air cargo container that is right for your shipment, the experts at Ritra Cargo are ready to help you solve all your air cargo transportation challenges. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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