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Cross trade

Why would you first import goods to the Netherlands, only to export them abroad again afterwards? This process is cumbersome and needlessly expensive. With cross trade, your shipment goes straight from A to C, without any stops on the way. That way, shipping is a lot faster, and you will save money. At Ritra Cargo, you can be sure your cross trade is organised optimally and reliably.

What is cross trade?

Cross trade means a shipment is directly transported from the manufacturer to the final recipient without the involvement of the (air)port of Rotterdam or Amsterdam. This benefits you as a shipper. Thanks to the direct transport, you can save on costs, and the shipment arrives at its final destination faster.

Cross-trade is an interesting option if you need to ship large batches, such as full containers or several cubic metres of goods. Cross-trade is available for both FCL and LCL shipments. In addition, you can make use of our own buyer consolidation.

How does cross-trade work?

Cross trade is available for both sea freight and air freight. There are two types of cross-trade.

  1. The final recipient is allowed to know who produced the goods or who is the manufacturer This type is used by large brands that send cross trade shipments to stores all over the world, for example.
  2. The final recipient is not allowed to know who produced the goods or who is the manufacturer. This type of cross trade is useful to many shippers, and is used frequently.


If you do not want the final recipient to know who manufactured the goods, Ritra Cargo will ensure the neutrality of your shipment.  This process concerns the shipping documents. We take the following approach:

  1. The original Bill of Lading (B/L) is drafted by our agent in the country of origin. This document always states the name of the manufacturer.
  2. You pay the manufacturer for the shipment.
  3. Ritra Cargo drafts the Switch Bill of Lading (Switch B/L). This means there will be a new B/L, with the name of the manufacturer removed. That way, the shipment is made neutral.

Cross trade worldwide

Ritra Cargo has access to a worldwide, interconnected network of agents, allowing us to offer cross trade services to and from any destination. For example, we frequently provide cross trade services from Asia (including China, India and Bangladesh) to South America, North America, Australia and Southern Europe.


Why cross-trade at Ritra Cargo?

  • Extensive knowledge and years of experience with cross-trade.
  • Our own reliable international agents arrange the cross-trade.
  • One fixed contact person.

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Cross trade and Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain platform TRACOS offers you insight into the entire cross-trade process. It also allows you to monitor the entire logistical process from the document flow to the costs during transport and those charged at the destination, such as local costs and sea freight. With TRACOS, you can control and monitor all cross-trade processes from the Netherlands. Are your headquarters situated in Amsterdam? You can control and monitor the cross trade process from there. That way, you are in complete control.

Extra services

At Ritra Cargo, we value problem-free transport. That is why we offer value added services in the country of origin, as well as warehousing. Afterwards, the shipment is handed over in the port of the country of destination. As an extra service, we are also happy to arrange all paperwork with regard to the customs process.

Ritra Cargo is your cross trade specialist

Do you want to import a (large) batch of goods with a foreign recipient as the final destination? Make use of our cross trade services and avoid unnecessary stops at the (air)port of Rotterdam or Amsterdam. Ritra Cargo will ensure your goods are neutrally delivered anywhere in the world, no matter if this concerns sea freight or air freight. Your shipment will always be in good hands with our reliable agents. On top of that, you can count on a fixed point of contact.

Do you have any questions, or would you like more information about cross trade costs, for example? Or would you like to make use of our services? Please send an email to sales@ritra.nl. We will contact you as soon as possible. Would you prefer direct contact? In that case, please contact us by phone.

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