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Cross Trade

Cross Trade

If you want to ship goods from producer to final destination without a stopover in the Netherlands, take a look at Cross Trade: your shipment moves directly from A to C. This way, you save costs and your shipment reaches its final destination much faster. Now that’s efficient! Of course, your dedicated contact will ensure you are always fully informed.

What is Cross Trade?

Cross Trade is when a shipment is shipped directly from the manufacturer to the final recipient, without intermediate stops. Cross Trade is an interesting solution for both large and small shipments. You can use this option for any shipment, regardless of transport mode. The big advantage is in the savings: of time, money, and the option of sending your shipment in a fully neutral manner.

Always up-to-date

With our global network, we can offer Cross Trade for virtually every destination. The possible destinations include Asia, South America, North America, Australia and Southern Europe, among others.

And of course, the entire logistics process can be managed and viewed for your cross trade shipments too. Ritra’s online supply chain platform TRACOS allows you to monitor each step from your homebase. This means you have and keep full control of your transport.


How does it work?

Cross Trade is an option for both sea freight and air freight. There are two possible scenarios:

    1. It is not a problem for the final recipient is to see the manufacturer or production plant of the goods. For instance, major brands doing Cross Trade shipping to shops around the world.
    2. The final recipient is not allowed to know the manufacturer or production plant of the goods. This option is of interest to many shippers, because you can shield such details. As such, this is a much-used option.

Neutral shipment

If you do not want the manufacturer to be visible to the final recipient, Ritra Cargo will ensure that your shipment is neutralised. We do this as follows:

  1. The original Bill of Lading (B/L) is created by our agent in the country of origin. This always states the manufacturer’s name.
  2. You pay the manufacturer for the shipment.
  3. Ritra Cargo creates the Switch Bill of Lading. This concerns a new B/L, removing the manufacturer’s name.

If you are looking for extra information about Cross Trade, or would like to use this service, please feel free to contact us!

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