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Customs agent

When importing and exporting your goods, customs issues are usually addressed as well. You could arrange this yourself, provided you have the required permits. In addition, the regulations concerning the import and export of goods is a complex matter that requires specialist knowledge. Ritra Cargo is an AEO certified customs agent and is therefore a reliable partner. We can provide you with advice and support in handling customs matters. This will ensure your customs declaration process runs quickly and correctly.

Why is a customs agent required?

It is important for the smooth import and export of goods that any customs issues are dealt with. To be able to do this quickly and correctly, one needs to have expert knowledge, the right permits and special software. Logically it is wise to outsource customs matters. Ritra Cargo can take care of any customs matters for you. Our service consists of a customs clearance of goods in combination with transport. In this way, we ensure a fast and accurate declaration and transport process, without delays.

How does customs clearance work?

First a shipment is registered with us. The client lets us know what kind of goods are involved. For correct customs clearance, the commodity code of the product is an essential part. If you don’t have one, we can find this out for you and give you advice. This is highly specialised work. In order to be able to advise the commodity code, the client provides the following:

  • The invoice from the supplier.
  • Any additional information, such as a description or photo (s) of the product.

After giving our advice, we will ask for your approval. Subsequently, the commodity code is used for customs clearance with which the goods are declared.

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The benefits of Ritra Cargo

  • Fast and accurate work. Customs clearance is done in-house so that timely communication can take place. This allows customs clearance to be carried out faster and more accurately.
  • High level of expertise. We only employ qualified declarants. A customs specialist at Ritra Cargo will go that extra mile. For example, we also provide support in the event of a possible application for refund or remission of import or export duties. In addition, we assist with applying for a Binding Tariff Information (BTI).
  • Knowledge of FLEGT licences. Importers need these in order to be able to import timber from Indonesia, for instance.
  • Preparation of intra-Community transit operations. This is for goods that go to a country outside the EU and on which import duties have not yet been paid. Our customs declarants can also take care of this for you.


If we have all the necessary information, we can already declare the goods by means of a pre-declaration. This is something only an AEO certified customs agent may do. When the goods arrive at the port, the declaration only needs to be completed with the date. The goods can then be released for transport immediately.


The advantage of a pre-declaration is that you will know sooner whether customs want to carry out additional checks. It can be a physical check or a document check. If inspection is required, this can be done in the warehouse or at the terminal. By means of a pre-declaration, a possible document check can be done earlier. In this way the goods can still be released a.s.a.p.. This keeps delays to a minimum.

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Customs agent Rotterdam & Schiphol

Ritra Cargo is happy to provide a wide range of services. For that reason, we are both customs agent for Rotterdam and customs agent for Schiphol. We ensure that red tape is a thing of the past at both locations.

Ritra Cargo is your customs specialist

Would you like to be completely relieved of the transport process and no longer have to worry about complex customs issues? As an AEO-certified customs agent, Ritra Cargo is a reliable partner who is happy to support you in this. We arrange the customs clearance of goods in combination with transport. Do you have any questions or would you like more information about customs brokerage fees? Or would you like to make use of our services? If so, send an e-mail to sales@ritra.nl. We will contact you as soon as possible. Rather direct contact?

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