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The Silk Route – rail transport between China and the Netherlands

Would you like to transport goods between China and the Netherlands by rail? Ritra Cargo can, as a freight forwarder, organise this transport for you. ‘The New Silk Route’ combines fast transit times with a high level of reliability. This centuries-old rail route between Asia and Europe has been rapidly developing since 2015 and it incorporates a large network of destinations.

  • Hefei
  • Wuhan
  • Chengdu
  • Shanghai
  • Shenzhen
  • Xiamen
  • Zhengzhou
  • Ningbo
  • Tianjin
  • Xi'an

Importing goods from China via the Silk Route

If you want to import goods from China by rail, we can, as freight forwarders, offer you exactly what you need. We have a very experienced team that have a lot of market knowledge. Moreover, our agent in China has locations at all of the important production centres along the Silk Route, which includes Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzen. From here trains depart for our closest destinations at Tilburg, Duisburg and Hamburg. Our agent has gathered a lot of experience with rail transport along this route.

You can contact us regarding all of your FCL shipments, but we also offer grouping services on a number of routes. In addition, you can use Garment on Hanger containers when required. Rail transport via the New Silk Route is a reliable choice, with minimal delays.

Would you like to import goods via the New Silk Route? Then your personal contact within Ritra Cargo will handle all your transportation needs, from A to Z. We offer everything from the full range of transport options, to customs clearance completions, to value-added logistics. In addition to this, we will even organise transport to and from the station for you. Of course, you will also be continuously kept up to date on the status of your shipment.

Exporting to China via The Silk Route

Would you like to transport cargo to China by rail? Then you can make use of rail transport along the New Silk Route. From Tilburg, Duisburg and Hamburg FCL goods are transported daily to China. Major cities such as Ningbo and Tianjin can be reached via the Silk Route, but Xiamen, Zhengzhou and Shanghai are also covered. On some of these routes grouping services are also offered.

In addition to rail transport, we will of course, as freight forwarders, also handle transportation from departure station to end destination. We can also organise a complete customs clearance for you. Our in-house declarations team will ensure that the correct documentation for your goods is completed quickly. Your fixed contact person in Ritra Cargo will ensure an efficient transportation process so your goods travel, without problem, from A to B.

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Transit times via the New Silk Route

Goods transport between China and The Netherlands is possible by sea freight, air freight and rail transport. Sea and air freight can also be combined for faster delivery of goods to their end destination. This is called sea/air transport. Transport times along the Silk Route can best be compared to this.

In this way, the route between Shanghai and the Netherlands can be covered in 21 days. By this we mean transport from door to door. This delivery time can always be guaranteed as delays rarely occur with rail transport. The same transport time of 21 days also applies to sea/air transport. Via sea freight lead time is around 28 days. Add transport to and from the port, and the average transit time will be 35 days. Air freight forwarding takes just 3 days for the entire trip, but the price for this also reflects the times savings.

Rail freight logistics services

As a freight forwarding agent, we can offer you all the services needed for rail freight over the New Silk Route. The important factors and options to consider with this mode of transport are:

  • FCL transport
  • Groupage services (LCL) on every route
  • Customs clearance – AEO certified
  • Garment on hanger containers
  • Transport to departure station and delivery destination
  • Fast and reliable transit times
  • Environmentally friendly transport method

Would you like to know more about rail transport via the Silk Route, or to hire us right away as your freight forwarding agent? Then contact us.

Review of rail transport via the Silk Route

Kevin Schoof, general manager at RetailsalesRetailsale expediteur Ritra Cargo

“Previously, I imported all my goods from China via airfreight. It was fast, reliable and delivered straight to the door. However, the costs of airfreight are high, so my margins were small. I found the perfect solution in LCL rail transport.

Initially, I had my doubts about the reliability of such a long route. Fortunately, Ritra Cargo takes care of it all for me from door to door, and my goods are always delivered according to schedule. The regular status updates and personal contact with Martin are the main advantages for me. Rail transport is a reliable solution, which has enabled me to reduce my transport costs. I would certainly recommend this to others.”

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