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Sea freight containers

Different types of freight require different types of containers. That’s why at Ritra Cargo you can choose from a wide variety of ocean shipping containers. From standard containers for general use to refrigerated containers. Go directly to dimensions and accompanying specifications. Are you unsure which container you need? Don’t hesitate to ask us, we have the solution!

Containers and dimensions

Sea freight is usually transported in special containers or pallet containers with a wooden floor. The metal containers come in standard dimensions and are used for container transport of a wide variety of goods: cars, natural resources, foodstuffs, medicines and more. Containers make transport safe while also protecting the materials inside.

There are all types of sea freight containers. Open top containers, high cube containers and flat rack containers are popular shipping options. Standard sizes are expressed in TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit). Containers are commonly 20 feet (1 TEU) or 40 feet (2 TEU).

Types of sea freight containers

Below you can read a short description of the various types of sea freight containers that we offer:

  • Dry Container (20’ or 40’). Also sometimes called a standard container. It’s made of steel and used for shipping standard dry materials that are not too long, wide, high or heavy. Also suitable for bulk cargo.
  • High Cube Container (40’or 45’). The 40’ High Cube Container is higher than the standard 40’ Dry Container (approx. 30 cm) making it suitable for taller products.
  • Refrigerated Container 20’. Ideal for products that have to be maintained at the right temperature during transport. Think here of medicines, plants and foodstuffs. Compressors have been installed on the sides of the refrigerated container for the continuous circulation of cold or warm air.
  • High Cube Refrigerated Container 40’. A refrigerated container that is higher than the standard type for taller loads.
  • Flat Rack Container (20’ or 40’). Specially for transporting heavy, bulky or over-sized cargo. Flat racks have collapsible end walls, corner supports and tie-down rings on the rails of the lower frame for securing the load with ties or chains for optimal protection.
  • Open Top Container (20’ or 40’). Highly suited for over-sized freight and longer loads. This container has no roof but instead features a waterproof tarpaulin secured with ropes. The cargo is held securely in place by tie-down rings on the inside.

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Standards for sea freight containers

Ocean shipping containers come in standard dimensions everywhere in the world for problem-free transfer from ship to train, lorry or inland shipping vessel. There are also containers in non-standard sizes. The team at Ritra Cargo knows what the possibilities are and would be happy to advise you.

Complete solutions

Shipping by sea naturally involves much more than just finding the right container. That’s why as freight forwarder we can help you with the entire logistical process. We offer various kinds of value added services, such as Hanging Garment containers, sorting and warehousing. We can also arrange hassle-free complete customs clearance as well as physical distribution. The latter we can even arrange at retail level (fine-grained distribution). Lastly, we offer innovative ICT solutions for supply chain management. In other words: we can cover every need of every sea freight shipment. And because you deal with one contact person, everything remains easily manageable.

Requesting sea freight containers

At Ritra Cargo you will always benefit from our competitive prices. Whether you choose one special container for heavy freight or many standard ones. We ensure that your shipment sails safely and on time, and arrives at the final destination according to the arrangements. There are no unexpected charges because our sea freight container rates are fixed in advance in the price offer you receive from us.

Do you have any questions about sea freight containers, certain types of goods (like hazardous goods) or which type of container is suitable for your shipment? The experts at Ritra Cargo are ready to help you with all your sea freight transport challenges. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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