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Physical distribution

In two clean, secure locations in Rotterdam and Bergschenhoek, both of which comprise a total area of 7000 m2, Ritra Cargo offers the following selection of physical distribution services:

  • Crossdocking

Containers are unloaded on Euro pallets within two working days of arrival at port.

  • Control, sorting

Cartons are re-counted, checked for damage and, if required, sorted according to any criteria.

  • Pallets

All products are unloaded onto pallets, and if required, sealed and labelled with bar codes.

  • Storage

Goods are stored on pallets in controlled conditions, and at locations equipped with excellent facilities.

  • Distribution

Ritra Cargo works with partners that offer the best coverage of European destinations. Partners are selected based on flexibility, quality and price and strict performance criteria are agreed upon. In addition, subcontracting may only take place once, and only in consultation with us.

  • Value added services

The complete range of value added services can be found here.

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