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Software Update: New Consolidate Feature in TCS

Software Update: New Consolidate Feature in TCS

In the production of goods, importers often have to deal with different shipments that are ready for shipping at different times. These are then shipped as soon as possible and independently of each other, even though they may not be immediately needed at the final destination. Wouldn’t it be convenient if these shipments could be combined into one shipment, if time permits? The new Consolidate feature of our Traffic Control System (TCS) makes this possible. This gives you the freedom to consolidate your shipments within a certain time frame.


How does Consolidate work?

Consolidate is a new feature of our PO-management tool Traffic Control System (TCS). Every client who works with this platform, can request access to this feature (free of charge). In what circumstances and in what way could you use Consolidate?


Common situation:

  • One to two weeks in advance, your supplier informs you that your shipment is ready.
  • The shipment of the goods is carried out by Ritra Cargo’s agent.
  • You approve the selected shipment.


Situation when using Consolidate:

  • You approve the shipment, but with the note that the shipment may also be shipped at a later moment in the time frame specified by you.
  • The most suitable shipping moment is chosen by the agent, considering the time frame and the possibility of consolidating your shipments.
  • The goods are then shipped without you having to approve the shipment again.


Consolidating shipments first and foremost provides you with efficiency benefits. Instead of shipping each shipment separately, they can now be delivered to you at one time. This will also save you money.


For customers, by customers

Traffic Control System (TCS) is a custom-made PO management tool, used for all usual communication regarding shipments. TCS is managed in-house by Ritra Cargo. This allows customer needs to be quickly translated and met, which makes the platform extremely comprehensive. The Consolidate feature was also developed in response to questions from the market.


More information

If you have any questions about the new Consolidate feature or the Traffic Control System, or do you have a request for us? Please contact us.


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