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Start of the high season for Asia-Europe route

Start of the high season for Asia-Europe route

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For the sea freight from Asia, the months of July and August are traditionally the busiest months of the year. This is mainly caused by the number of seasonal articles that are shipped. This year is no exception and carriers already announced to expect peak times. How is Ritra Cargo preparing for this, and what can you do to avoid delays?


Tonnage arrangements with carriers

Ritra Cargo is doing everything possible to ensure that all consignments leave on the scheduled departures. That is why we have made different tonnage arrangements with several shipping companies. Of course, we are striving to match these arrangements as best as possible with the actually required space. The information we receive from our customers about planned bookings plays herein a key role.
Around this period, many customers ask their suppliers whether they can indicate how many goods will be ready for shipment in July and August. This way, it is possible to estimate better what should be shipped during that period. When this is passed on to us in good time, we can take this into account in our arrangement with the shipping companies.


Possible delays in transit ports

Are your goods transhipped in a transit port in Asia, such as Singapore or Colombo? Then, the chance is that your shipment is subject to delays. Ships that call these ports are often very much loaded during the high season. That is why it can occur that containers waiting for their connection in these ports cannot be loaded on the scheduled date. These ships will have to wait for the next departure and will be subject to delays. If this happens to your consignment, which we do not hope for, we will notify you immediately.


Peak Season Surcharge

Some shipping companies already announced that they would pass on a Peak Season Surcharge (PSS). This will then apply to all departures on the route between Asia and Europe with an onboard date from 1 July 2018. For the moment, it is uncertain whether the PSS will be introduced. If this is the case, we will, of course, inform you as soon as possible.


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