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Team Ritra Cargo joins forces for a more sustainable world

Team Ritra Cargo joins forces for a more sustainable world

The Footprint Challenge

Every day, we see the far-reaching consequences of climate change in the news. Floods, forest fires and other natural disasters. It affects us all. At Ritra Cargo we understand: a better world starts with you. That’s why the Ritra Cargo team will start the Footprint Challenge on 7 March. This way, we will make an impact together for a more sustainable world.


Prevention is better than cure

Awareness for sustainability is on the rise. This is happening in the transport world, too. For example, more and more carriers are offering so-called climate-neutral freight transport. In these cases, people pay an added fee to compensate for the CO2 emissions. This compensation then entails planting trees, for example. However, this does not necessarily mean that the transport itself produces less pollution.


When it comes to reducing CO2 emissions, we believe prevention is better than cure. Awareness is a key factor in this. Being aware of the impact of our behaviour on the environment helps us make more sustainable choices. The Footprint Challenge helps the Ritra Cargo team to raise awareness and apply this awareness in daily life. Together, we create more sustainability from within!



Insight into the CO2 emissions of freight transport

Ritra Cargo has also observed a growing need for awareness in the area of sustainability among shippers. To help them with this, we have developed our own CO2 calculator. This calculator determines the CO2 emissions of import, export and cross-trade transports. It can calculate individual shipments and offer an annual overview. Lots of shippers use this in their communication towards their customers. On top of that, CO2 emissions are increasingly becoming a factor in the choice of modalities.


Are you not aware of the CO2 emissions of your freight transport yet? Ritra Cargo customers can view this information via our TRACOS (LITE) platform. Do you not have a login yet? Request one here.



More on the Ritra Cargo Footprint Challenge

The Ritra Cargo Footprint Challenge will start on Monday 7 March. Over the course of 40 days, we will be coached to develop new, sustainable habits. For example, we are aiming for the following impact and results:

  • 5 – 10% reduction of everyone’s ecological footprint
  • 92% will permanently change their behaviour
  • 5 times more impact, because the programme is also aimed at inspiring the participants’ environment (the so-called “handprint”)


The Footprint Challenge consists of small, sustainable actions. They will allow us to reduce our ecological footprint and increase our handprint. On top of that, we will receive practical tips and tricks from the “Footprint Coaches”. Ritra Cargo will play the Footprint Challenge in teams. This way, we will make an impact together for a sustainable future!



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