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The benefits of importing from Myanmar

The benefits of importing from Myanmar

As a shipper, have you ever considered importing from Myanmar? This country in Southeast Asia, which borders both China and India, offers unique opportunities for sea freight. Although Myanmar might not be as well known as its immediate neighbours yet, its role as a production and export country is growing. Myanmar’s fashion and textile industry in particular is booming and offers interesting opportunities for importers!



A developing country

With its coastline that borders the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, Myanmar forms an ideal hub for sea transport. As such, Myanmar has grown to become an important player in the global sea freight sector in recent years. The strategic location (Myanmar is situated between India and China, and has borders with Bangladesh, Laos, and Thailand) offers plenty of opportunities for you as a shipper.

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Myanmar’s main exports are:

  • Agricultural products: Rice, tea, and fish products.
  • Natural resources: Teak, jade, and gemstones.
  • Textiles and clothing: Myanmar has a fast-growing textile industry. The focus here is on exports to Europe and the United States.


In recent years, Myanmar has taken great strides in modernising its maritime infrastructure. The government has encouraged foreign investment and relaxed trade barriers. The modern ports are almost all overhauled and equipped to receive large container ships and bulk carriers.


Myanmar’s textile and fashion industry has seen strong growth in recent years.  The country produces a broad range of clothing and textile products. Importers can benefit from high-quality and cost-efficient manufacturing, making Myanmar a country to keep an eye on.



Socially engaged agency

Our local agent First Greenhill Logistics, active in Myanmar since 2013, consists of a team of seasoned logistics professionals. The company has four offices in Myanmar: Mandalay, Bago, Naypyidaw and Yangon. What’s more, they also have offices in Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore. First Greenhill Logistics is mainly focused on the textile and fashion sector. A significant 70% is destined for Europe, with 27% going to the US and Canada, and a modest 3% is transported to the Far East (Japan/Korea).


They offer a wide rage of logistics and supply chain services. As well as sea freight, you can also rely on them for airfreight, warehousing and customs clearing, among other services. They are also unconditionally committed to their local community. For instance, they currently support around 400 impoverished students by paying 100% of their enrolment fees, and they make financial contributions to a secondary school and three primary schools.



Would you like to give it a try?

Are you curious about the options in Myanmar, but no idea where to start? Team Ritra is here to help! We take time to listen to your requirements, and take care of the entire process of handling your sea freight and/or airfreight shipments.


Do you have specific requirements for importing products, such as outsourcing your customs declarations? We are more than happy to take on these tasks, so that you can focus on your core activities. Get in touch with us, without obligation of course.




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