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Asian public holidays: a complete overview

Asian public holidays: a complete overview

Feestdagen Azie 2020

Delays, lack of capacity, and high tariffs. The situation caused by Asian public holidays is a nightmare for many importers. Luckily, the right knowledge can prevent a lot of this stress. Ritra Cargo has developed an Asian public holidays desk calendar especially for importers. Created with the help of our overseas agents, it is the most accurate and comprehensive list you will ever need: helping you to be prepared and prevent problems.


More demand than supply

In Asia there are many holidays that last several days or even several weeks. Do you need to ship goods around this time? Then that often causes problems. A lack of capacity, delays and a sharp increase in sea freight rates are the rule rather than the exception.


These problems are all caused by large fluctuations in supply and demand. Before the holiday season starts, ships are often fully booked well in advance. In contrast, many sailings are cancelled after the holiday period due to the limited supply of cargo. After all, factories have also been at a standstill during the holidays. Substantial delays therefore occur regularly. Because demand is many times higher than supply, shipping companies often also charge significantly higher rates.


Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict in advance which problems will occur. Therefore, booking in good time is the best advice we can give you. The Asian public holidays desk calendar is a great help here.

Asian holidays desk calendar 2022

Most complete overview

Many websites on the internet can tell you which holidays are celebrated where. However, in Asia there are not only national holidays, but also regional holidays. These are only celebrated locally. This makes keeping up with holidays confusing and difficult.


In order to compile a precise overview for our Production Countries Holiday Calendar, we ask our overseas agents to provide us with the correct information. With branches in all major ports and production sites, they know exactly which holidays you need to be aware of. This enables us to draw up an overview that you can rely on.


In our 2022 Asian public holidays desk calendar you will find all relevant holidays in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Pakistan.



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