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Transport delay due to Customs breakdowns

Transport delay due to Customs breakdowns

Storingen DMS zorgen voor vertraging

Since the end of last year, all declarations have been processed in the new Customs Declaration System DMS. With the introduction of DMS, Customs hoped to put the many breakdowns behind it, but to this day the opposite has proved true. Unfortunately, this has now resulted in considerable delays in logistics processes.


Customs Declaration System DMS inaccessible

To give you an idea; between 6 May and 4 June, DMS was unavailable for about 150 hours. On Tuesday 18 June, DMS was down almost the entire morning; a week earlier, the system was also unavailable for two full days.


As a result, our declarants are unable to enter new data or forward pre-processed declarations. As a result, your cargo cannot be declared and therefore cannot leave the terminal or warehouse.




After the disruption

When DMS is back in the air after a disruption, both our declarants and Customs encounter a considerable backlog. Despite our efforts, your transport may also suffer. In the most unfavourable situation, we have to ask you to postpone your transport date. We therefore ask for your understanding.




Any questions?

If you have any questions about your transport, please contact your Ritra Cargo contact person.




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