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What are the CO2 emissions of your freight transport?

What are the CO2 emissions of your freight transport?

How much CO2 does my freight transport produce? An increasing number of shipping companies value the answer to this question. In order to meet this demand, we already offered the option to request your transport route’s CO2 emissions for quite some time. Now, Ritra Cargo is going one step further. From the beginning of next year, your goods transport CO2 emissions will be listed on your invoice – working together towards a sustainable future.


About our CO2 calculator

Goods transport and CO2 emissions are inextricably linked. Fortunately, opting for one or other modality can make a significant difference. It’s a well-known fact that CO2 emissions from air freight are many times higher than the emissions from sea freight. However, this is often not very clear. Our CO2 calculator cuts through the fog.

CO2 calculation model makes transport more sustainable

CO2 calculator example result


The calculation model for the CO2 calculator was developed in 2019 by our intern Rozwitha Roos. It is a comprehensive and reliable model that can calculate the CO2 emissions of entire end-to-end transport routes: from any port in the world right up to the delivery address in the Netherlands. This allows for more awareness and more mindful transport decisions.

CO2 emissions as a factor in transport decision

Would you like to find out the CO2 emissions of your intended transport route? Or would you like to compare different modalities? We would be pleased to calculate it for you. Please contact us.


More information about what our CO2 calculator for freight transport can help you find out is available here.


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